Free beauty directories are a terrific way to promote your Hairdressing, Tanning, Nails, Beauty or Massage business. Whether your beauty business is mobile, or working from premises, adding your business to a free online beauty directory will help generate quality enquires.

There’s nothing like starting your beauty business. Entrepreneurship is a gateway to financial freedom, enabling women to shatter the glass ceiling and take charge of their careers. However, starting an enterprise does include heartache and headaches. As the saying goes, you will need blood, sweat, and tears.

While many industries rise and fall, projections for the global beauty industry remain optimistic. Already worth $532 billion, experts expect the industry to enjoy a 5 to 7 percent compound total annual growth rate, exceeding $800 billion by 2025. This means there’s still tons of prospect of new entrepreneurs, especially in the online space. According to Nielson, although the most notable 20 brands control 96 percent of retail, indie beauty is dominating the web marketplace, making up 86 percent of eCommerce sales.


  1. Stand for something: Finding ethical brands that we’re proud to support can be hard when so many of the top names are global corporations. Starting your own business is a chance to help make the impact you want on the earth. You can also use your brand platform to educate others. My passion is the science behind aging and empowering our community to comprehend how their skin works.
  2. A chance to bring something to life: It’s like giving birth to a child. At first, your ideas may look such as a cluster of cells, then it slowly starts taking form and before very long, it has a life of its own. Founding a business is an experience like no other and you’ll be so impressed with yourself when your concept comes to life.
  3. A great financial opportunity: The sky’s the limit when you own a successful brand. Drunk Elephant sold last year for $845 million, It Cosmetics sold for $1.2 billion, and Forbes valued Huda Beauty at the same price. These and many other beauty companies show how female entrepreneurs are building billion-dollar brands.
  4. Be a role model: As a business owner, you can inspire other women to change their lives. Create a community of followers and share your vision with the earth.
  5. Innovate and propel the industry forward: The wonder industry has barely changed in years. When you’re small, you can innovate easily, with no logistical problems large companies face. Innovation reaches the heart of my product line, and I’ve designed my brand with flexibility in mind.

Benefits Of Our Free Beauty Business Directory

Each business listing added to your free beauty directory advantages from the following:-

  • Displayed within a search results targeting your base town, county and postcode.
  • Your own separate, fully customisable directory website that can look like this.
  • The ability to gather and completely manage customer ratings and feedback – you choose whether to these are displayed.
  • You can add multiple special offers to our free beauty directory.
  • Additions and updates to your listings and will be offering can be automatically tweeted by us – helping to market your beauty business.
  • Our beauty directory control panel allows you to track how many visitors have viewed your business listing.
  • We give you the ability to upload multiple images, salon prices lists, and connect to promotional videos.
  • Your beauty offers automatically appear in our beauty directories offer section.
  • If your beauty business has social media pages on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, links to these can be put into your business listing.