From the moment you get an invitation to a meeting that will require a party dress, you get excited, like a little girl, ready to choose a new pretty piece to increase your wardrobe. Nothing makes a female seem like royalty than a new dress! Whether you are dressing for a charity event, wedding, or cocktail party, you want to find a dress that will be perfect just for you. There are some factors to consider when purchasing a new party dress. Follow these pointers to get the right dress for the right occasion.


You need to know more than weight and height to look online. Visit a professional seamstress and get measured. Please don’t try to measure yourself. Obtain a pro or at least a partner or friend to do it for you which means you can fully stand up straight and still to ensure accurate measurements. Quit guessing sizing when shopping on the internet. Admit that you usually get it wrong. You need to know your:

  • bust
  • waist
  • hips
  • hollow to hem


Different styles work better on different body types. You are not going to find any body shaming here, and we don’t think that you desire a certain body type or size to wear certain dresses. However, when shopping online, you can’t try a dress on before purchasing, so picking styles that are more likely to work with your body type can increase your chances of picking a winner the very first time. Body shapes and dress options include:

  • Hourglass – fitted dresses, wrap dresses, high waisted styles
  • Apple – v-necks, empire waist styles, shorter skirts
  • Rectangle – scoopneck or sweetheart necklines, collars or ruffles to accentuate your chest, dresses with ruching
  • Pear – a-line skirts, ruffles at the top, sweetheart or scoop necklines
  • Wedge – full skirts, bright colors, high waisted styles


Determine how much you want to spend from the start. Besides factoring in your available funds, consider if you’ll be able to wear the dress again. If the dress is versatile and can be worn for more than one season or event, factor that into your budget. You can justify spending a bit more on the dress that will be worn more than once. If you know for certain you will not wear the dress again, spend less.


Shopping for a dress as a wedding guest is a little trickier. The main thing to consider is that you will not in any way be mistaken for trying to upstage the bride. DON’T WEAR WHITE! To be safe, avoid other shades of white as well. If you are close enough to the bride or bridal party, ask what color the bridal party is wearing. You don’t want to be too matchy with the bridesmaids or wear a hue of the colour they are simply already wearing that totally clashes. Keep it classy when choosing a wedding guest dress. Don’t dress too sexy. You can include a sexy aspect in your outfit but don’t have it all hanging out, girlfriend! Follow hints on the invitation. Black tie takes a formal gown. When in doubt, dress just a little nicer.


Choose an online boutique. We love Browse the return policy. For anyone who is more comfortable with that policy, give yourself options and order multiple dress. Ordering several options will give you confidence that you will find the perfect dress when the package arrives at your house.. Try to find come back policies with plenty of time to try on and return without feeling rushed. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF

Don’t kid yourself. If you know you want to dance like a maniac all night long, miss the mermaid style skirts! You can’t bust a move around in that style. For anyone who is always hot, don’t choose a dress made of thick fabric that doesn’t breathe. Are you self conscious about your large breasts? Don’t buy a low cut dress that will cause you to tug on your top forever long. If you adore your legs, show them off. If you hate your shoulders, don’t go strapless. Understand what you like, know very well what you don’t like, and really know what you’ll be doing in your dress, and choose accordingly. That return policy makes it easy to try a few dresses. Keep what you adore and pop others back in the mail with reduced effort from you.