After reading several magazines scattered around my doctors office, We stumbled upon a fascinating find- The Dr. Keshia Gaines Publication! It had been a mini-magazine. Due to its spectacular front side cover and interesting topics, I found the publication and began reading it. After reading this article and completing the super-fun popular term search puzzle, I had been astonished. How could a lot goodness be loaded in the mini-magazine? I didnt even understand just what a mini-magazine was until I browse the Dr. Keshia Gaines Publication. It had been a genius idea. How long does it consider for other superstars to release a magazine using the same concept?

The Fall problem of this publication discusses healthy eating dinner out tips, a secret money-saving plan, how exactly to feel younger and healthier, a Fall flowers craft project, and how exactly to attack the sales rack -Dr. Gaines Style- and discover seasonal bargains. In addition, the famous term search puzzle includes a hidden mystery term.

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